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We Are All Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the the Book Blog Tour hosted by Bewitching Tours in celebration of my latest mystery adventure, Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire.

The 10 Winners have been contacted! Thank you to all of you who followed the tour from beginning to end! I was thrilled and delighted to chat with you--your comments were an inspiration to me. I hope you'll continue to follow my Blog as well as my Facebook page. Please don't forget to subscribe to my website to get advance news about my next book release, The Keeper of the Book as well as my upcoming appearances and contests. 
Thank you again. I hope each and every one of you fall in love with my series and with Sophia and Cullen. Don't forget Please leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads.

Review of Shattered Shells: Third novel in Author Francene Stanley's Paranormal Moonstone Series

Touching Story Written From The Heart
Shattered Shells is the third novel in the paranormal Moonstone series set in the seaside village of St. Ives. In this book, the protagonist Liliha continues to alter lives with the use of her moonstone—an ancient Egyptian ring that merges her with the minds of those in turmoil. Through positive and rational thinking, Liliha is able to enable people to save themselves. My first thought when reading the book was that Author Francene Stanley who is an amazing person, has a gift for creating broken and flawed characters.

Liliha is a woman buried deep in grief. She's lost her husband, her daughters are living far away and her loneliness permeates the air like a bad smell. This becomes even more evident as she attempts to help an equally broken young girl, Ellen, get back on her feet—placing her in the path of a pimp and a crook who would like nothing more than to do Liliha harm. As she awakens with no memory in a hospital, she realizes the ring is…

Stuck in the Research Mudbog: Rachael Stapleton tells us when to spin our wheels and when to get pulled out?

Final Tour Stop: Feb 23rd Fang-Tastic Books Sometimes, you just can’t avoid research—it’s like driving through mud. Actually I’m reminded of Burketon Hills, a thrilling and muddy place my Dad used to take me where 4x4 trucks with oversized tires would climb dunes and play in the mud. Much like currently writing the third book in my Temple of Indra series except now I am the monster truck spinning my wheels and flinging dirt. The message behind both mud bogging and research is the same—drive through enough of it, and you’re probably going to get stuck. With research tires spinning, historical wars flying and forward progress on your novel halted, what is a writer to do?

Well first off let’s talk about whether or not research is really necessary for your book. In my opinion, yes, although the amount depends on what genre you’re writing. Historical fiction and tech-based science fiction being quite reliant on research but really even mainstream fiction requires research at times. Getting …

Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire: Last Stop This Monday

Well, this book blog tour has been a blast everybody! Thank you to Roxanne at Bewitching Book Tours for arranging it and all of her affiliated sites for hosting me. I'd also like to thank my publisher, Solstice Publishing and all of their amazing authors for joining in! I feel blessed to have toured around so many great blogs meeting a ton of potential new Sophia & Cullen fans.

Join me Monday for my last stop "Stuck in the Research Mudbog" on Fang-tastic, where I'll be blogging about book research and what to do when you get stuck in it. If you missed any of my interviews or guest posts, please feel free to click below and catch up. I will re-post all contest to my own website but the links below are your last chance to enter the Rafflecopter contest. On Monday, there will be 10 Winners chosen at random to receive the first book in my Temple of Indra Series.

I'd also like to take a minute to thank all of my Facebook and Twitter followers and supporters. You…

Curse of The Purple Delhi Sapphire: Creating Kickass Librarians

Tour Stop: Feb 17th Interview from the Creatively Green Write at Home momSophia Marcil is given a family heirloom that pulls her into a past life, eventually opening the door to psychic dreams and a book full of magical spells.  Unfortunately, the heirloom comes with a madman hell-bent on possessing her and her gifted stone.
This makes us wonder do you think special powers like time travel, mind reading, and telekinesis are a gift or a curse and if you could choose one which would it be. If I could choose one, it would most likely be time travel because much like Sophia I adore history. However, I can see the potentials danger involved. I would be nervous and reluctant to use such a power in real life—at least the first time—temptation would eventually win out. I think an even cooler power might be teleportation. Lunch in Paris? A play in New York? I love to travel and a gift like that would allow me to whisk myself off to a deserted Island for a much needed tan or hit up Japan for s…