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New Series: The Bohemian Murder Manor

Fortune Teller Madam 'Nana' Vianu and her gifted Bohemian Lake girls, Mallory and Danior have an unparalleled weekend planned for the guests of their family-owned-and-operated lakeside manor resort. 
A carnival themed mystery game including two days of fake fatal fortunes, harmless hauntings, and bogus book hunts. Or so they think until a dead body is found at the bottom of the manor's secret staircase. Rumors abound of past indiscretions and a ghost's revenge. It could all be part of the show but as the weather worsens so do their chances for survival. Snowed in with a killer, the Vianu girls must use their paranormal gifts and follow the clues to decipher what is real in this game of make-believe. Buy Now

"Stapleton did a great job writing a story that I couldn't figure out. I spent the entire book wondering if the murder was real or part of the game (I won't spoil it for you). I also didn't have a guess on who the murderer was, not even an inkling,…