Friday: I'm in Love with Writing.

For writers, authors or people who just want to write. Every Friday I'm going to give one piece of writing advice. These are things I wish I'd known when I started out.

So, what's the topic today you ask?

Writing to Market.

This is a great idea but sometimes it makes you fee dead inside. #realtalk. Why? Because we're forcing a genre that we don't fit. So, here's my advice. Find a genre you are interested in.

Study the tropes, themes, and similarities. Once you’ve picked your sub-genre, buy the top ten books and read them. Yes, this is why it's important to like the genre. You need to enjoy reading it. Now, look at the story threads that run through all the books searching for tropes and themes that are the same.You’re looking for the commonalities, not the exceptions.

Write them down.
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Time to summarize my life like the back of one of my book jackets—of course my life is slightly lackluster when being compared to one of my characters. Only slightly though, after all it's hard to compete with an adventurous private investigator who travels the world breaking up esoteric mayhem.

Then there’s the fact that I find it challenging to summarize my career path—perhaps because I've never done just one thing. I’m a Published Author, Freelance Writer, and Digital Media Specialist—but that’s just the jumping off point. I’m also a Mom, Wife, Blogger, Book Reviewer, Lover of Century Homes and a Health & Fitness Nut.

In the past I earned my living as an intellectually curious marketing professional who helped small to medium sized businesses understand and navigate the digital space by creating and executing marketing plans. Sometimes this was as simple as a Search Engine Marketing Campaign, other times it meant Website Consultation, Design, Content Development, Web P…

Living the Dream: Travel, Writing & Family

The clock ticks down. I search the sites. Try somewhere new, I tell myself. And still my search results keep coming back to the same place.

The Riviera Maya in Mexico. What is it about this place? It just calls to me. I’ve tried to find other resorts like it but it’s never the same. To explain it. I guess it feels like the best of both worlds, I’m at a resort and yet I’m in the middle of some sort of jungle.

I grew up in the 80’s. Indiana Jones, Congo, Medicine Man, to me the idea of the jungle is home. Despite being a small town white girl who outside of vacation has never stepped foot in one. I mean let’s face it, I’m almost forty with two kids, the idea of sleeping on an air mattress in a tent anymore seems like the ninth circle of hell. But still I love to hear the birds and watch the monkeys scurry beneath my balcony. They really do here. They’re everywhere. Nature is everywhere and that’s just not something you get at every resort.

Are you looking to do more traveling? Having…


I'm a WRITER! 
I'm a writer FIRST AND FOREMOST! One who has learned to navigate the ins and outs of publishing and marketing while maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

I write books, market and collaborate, raise a family and compete in fitness competitions. Oh, did I mention I've learned to love every minute of this crazy journey. 

If you need help learning how to do the same thing, reach out and I'll coach you.

Countdown to Scotland

Our flight leaves tonight and we land tomorrow morning. I'm going to try to go live on Facebook at different times over the next two weeks to give you all a taste of the more scenic places so be sure to hop on if you see me so I'm not talking to myself. I do enough of that as it is. :P

Our first night is being spent in a castle in Montrose on the east coast and we've rented a car so we're going to hit up Doune Castle in Stirling which was used as Castle Leoch, the MacKenzie Castle and I believe also Monty Python and Game of Thrones.

Then onto Drummond Castle Gardens near Crieff. The gardens are supposed to be absolutely spectacular and were used as the location for "The Gardens of Versailles" in Outlander. 


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