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Grab Rachael Stapleton's Latest ​Paranormal Cozy, MAKE-BELIEVES & LOST MEMORIES for just $2.99 Today or FREE in Kindle Unlimited. ​

Grab Rachael Stapleton's 
​Paranormal Cozy, 
$2.99 Today or FREE in Kindle Unlimited. 

Feisty Fortune Teller Extraordinaire Nana Vianu says the answer is in the cards. How right she is!
Nana’s granddaughter, Mallory Vianu, is busy hosting a blogging conference at Caravan Manor when she hears back from a local historian who’s translated the fifty-five-year-old diary Mallory found in the manor’s attic; the translation uncovers information about a set of original tarot cards Mallory’s great-grandmother, a Roma witch-wife, used to divine the future. Unfortunately, unlike her powerful relative, Mallory doesn’t see what’s coming next. 
With two lethal murders connected to the manor, the Vianu girls must put their paranormal skills to the test. While hosting breakout sessions and parties for writers, digital creatives, and influencers, they mus 
take clues from a ghost and 
search for their greatest treasure yet. 
But the closer they get to the truth, the closer they get to a killer, someone who looks a lot more like one of them than they realized.

BOOK One: 
GYPSIES, TRAPS & THIEVES is also just 
$2.99 Today or FREE in Kindle Unlimited. 

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Confessions of a Red Herring by Dana Dratch – a #BlogTour #BookReview and #Giveaway

Confessions of a Red Herring (A Red Herring Mystery) by Dana Dratch

About the Book

Confessions of a Red Herring (A Red Herring Mystery) Cozy Mystery 1st in Series Kensington (May 29, 2018) Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages ISBN-13: 978-1496716569 Digital ASIN: B075C8FDT5
As a reporter, she’s used to covering the news. Now she’s the headline.
Alex Vlodnachek has been a reporter for 12 years, a P.R. rep for three months, and a murder suspect for all of 24 hours. When her agency's double-dealing CEO is stabbed, scheming co-workers cast the new redhead as a compelling red herring. The story is media catnip—especially her salacious nickname: Vlod the Impaler.
Even Alex has to admit she looks guilty.
Out of a job and under suspicion, Alex is running low on cash, when she’s visited by a second disaster: her family. Soon her tiny bungalow is bursting with her nearest and not-so-dearest. To keep herself out of jail—and save what’s left of her sanity—Alex returns to her reporting roots. She goes undercover to reclaim her life, break the story, and unmask a murderer. Pretty much in that order.
What she doesn’t know: The killer also has a to-do list. And Alex is on it.


Confessions of a Red Herring by Dana Dratch is the first book in the new cozy A Red Herring Mystery series where ex-reporter Alex Vlodnachek gets framed for murder when the CEO turns up dead. All eyes land on Alex as the one who's done the deed which I didn't find was really explained up front. This gets her fired from her job (unfairly in my opinion) and so out of a job and under suspicion, Alex is running low on cash, when she’s visited by a second disaster: her family. Soon her tiny bungalow is bursting with her nearest and not-so-dearest. To keep herself out of jail—and save what’s left of her sanity—Alex returns to her reporting roots. She goes undercover to reclaim her life (cleaning toilets, no less), breaks the story, and unmasks the murderer. So what did I think? Excellent question. When I started the book, I though it suffered Fred Flintstone syndrome which basically means everything was going wrong for this poor girl and it was frustrating me beyond belief. It definitely sagged in the middle too but if you hang in there, the book redeems itself with the help of the main character's brother (Nick), friend (Trip), and grandmother (Baba). You can’t beat a spunky old lady with frying pans. I'm looking for the next book in the series.

About the Author

Dana Dratch is a former newspaper reporter and current personal finance writer. When she's not finishing Seeing Red—the next Alex Vlodnachek mystery—you'll spot her byline on a host of top news sites. You can learn more about her mysteries at
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New Series: The Bohemian Murder Manor

Fortune Teller Madam 'Nana' Vianu and her gifted Bohemian Lake girls, Mallory and Danior have an unparalleled weekend planned for the guests of their family-owned-and-operated lakeside manor resort. 

A carnival themed mystery game including two days of fake fatal fortunes, harmless hauntings, and bogus book hunts. Or so they think until a dead body is found at the bottom of the manor's secret staircase. Rumors abound of past indiscretions and a ghost's revenge. It could all be part of the show but as the weather worsens so do their chances for survival. Snowed in with a killer, the Vianu girls must use their paranormal gifts and follow the clues to decipher what is real in this game of make-believe. Buy Now

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Have you checked out my latest Penning Trouble Mystery yet?

Sirens ring. Are you listening? Near Candy Cane Lane. A Body is glistening. A murderous sight. Trubble's investigating tonight. Walking through this winter wonderland.

It's the week before Christmas and Investigative Journalist Penelope Trubble has reluctantly agreed to investigate the death of a woman at the Sleighs & Slopes Adventure Resort in the hopes of exonerating her husband--who just happens to be Penny's ex. But with so many suspicious characters lurking in the trees, Penelope risks being strangled by clues, Christmas lights, conjecture, and catastrophe. It doesn't help that Penny's still a little frosty with the man accused of icing his bride, and she must prove he's no cold-blooded killer. At least there's candy-cane cocoa, a roaring fire, and the Laurentian Mountains to savor--not to mention the hunky detective dashing through the snow after her.

Helping an ex is a slippery slope, and things are going downhill fast for Penelope Trubble.

Buy Now

Interested in a new paranormal cozy? Check out the Haunted House Flippers series.