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The Temple Of Indra - Writing My First Novel

‘The Temple of Indra Jewels’ is a story that has been floating about in my head for five years. It is a working title as I haven’t quite found the real title yet. I wrote the first draft of the story when I was pregnant with my son in 2006. The 3D Animation Company that I had worked for had been bought out and so I was left with a lot of time on my hands aside from taking a night course on Canadian history at the University of Toronto. This allowed me to basically write the bones of the novel.

Then in 2008 I made it more complex as I found the time after planning a wedding, buying a new home and caring for an infant. The adventures of the last four years of my life definitely played into my characters and plot. I took the break up and the painful emotions from my past engagement and translated it into the unhealthy relationships between my main character and her relationship in the beginning of the story. I played with the story line to incorporate the new and exciting feelings, trai…