Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Peterborough - Home of the Friendliest People

Well I can honestly say I had another amazing book signing experience at Chapters in Peterborough this past Saturday. Check out for photos. I was a little nervous that my expectations were set too high after such a great first experience in Woodbridge but I was blown away.

As I walked into the store at 11am - there was already a lineup forming off to the side. I sold five copies within the first 30 minutes -- it was so exciting and the sales just continued to roll in from there surpassing my last stop in less time. The people I met were open, accepting, loving and kind. My heart stirred with the ease of conversation that flowed. And the staff, oh my goodness. If you haven't been to the Peterborough Chapters location, I highly recommend you go. The warmth I felt from the staff was unbelievable . They were constantly offering me smiles, warm words and hot beverages, announcing me over the speakers and one staff member liked the book so much, she bought it.

In addition to the store's fabulous energy, I saw four people I hadn't seen in over ten years, developed many new friends, had great discussions about time travel, past lives, murder mystery and even received several invitations to speaking engagements and book clubs.

But the absolute best part happened yesterday. Less than twenty-four hours after my event, I received eight messages from people who had bought and finished my book and were raving about it, looking for Book II. One person even likened my writing to the flavour of my favourite author Diana Gabaldon. In my books, that is the highest compliment you could give me so needless to say I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

In an age where e-books dominate practically eliminating the need for real old fashioned face to author book -signings, this girl feels truly blessed and I can't wait for the next one.

Get ready me for me Ajax - my hopes are high!

Book Signing Afterglow

It was an amazing visit to Woodbridge Chapters in January. Check out my website to see all the pics. I made tons of new friends and even saw some old ones. Thank you to events coordinator Terry Jordon and the many employees who set me up and supported me for the day. My street crew Leslie Bilcox and Dustin Stapleton. And of course special thanks to those of you who purchased my book, The Temple of Indra's Jewel. Over 150 people joined my mailing list and I completely ran out of candy and marketing material but I must admit the very very best part of my day was the overwhelming feedback I received from people who began reading it immediately.
That's right, people bought my book and pulled up a chair at Starbucks and then returned to tell me about it. The excitement was palpable. They were hooked. I felt like a new Mamma hearing them praise my baby that way.

And to think I came in expecting the worst. There is so much of a stigma surrounding book signings and I'd mentally prepared myself for the worst. What a wonderful surprise to double my sales goal! I was even approached by a gentleman inquiring with regards to the foreign rights. Can you imagine if my book was published internationally? Anyway, I better go find some wood to knock on.
So thank you Woodbridge you are a wonderful community.
Still riding that high!