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Getting Cozy in the Bibliophile’s Space

Warring Clans, Dark and Brooding Castle Coves and the Banshees That Haunt Them: A Sneak Peek into Sophia’s World
When I immersed myself in writing the Time Traveling Bibliophile Series, one of the things I most enjoyed was envisioning a character who constantly found herself in the most curious of places. No matter where Sophia Marcil went in time, she wound up falling or bumping into a secret passage, a vintage bookshop or a dark and threatening forest and all while evading her killer. It seemed to me that Sophia gravitated to the fairytale locations she might have found in the books she shelved, places like Lichtenstein Castle, the Black Forest, and fairy hill. Also finding herself in haunted spaces such as Romania’s Gothic-Renaissance castle in Hunedoara, and the witch’s cottage where it all began. So, in honor of our bookish heroine and her dangerous explorations, I’ve decided to write a series of blogposts on the cozy places that make up Sophia’s world. Even filling you in on the …