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The Temple of Indra's Jewel - Advance Reader Copy available end of July. Request one now!

September's launch date is fast approaching so I'm looking for volunteers willing to read the book in advance and review it on GoodReads or private blogs before the launch date, and also – perhaps most importantly – copy that review to Amazon as soon as the book becomes available. Any takers?

If the answer is yes and you'd like an ARC copy which comes in .pdf format suitable for most e-book readers (no print editions at this stage), just comment below and leave your email address so I can send you a copy when it's ready or email me privately

Please note – I'm looking for those who are genuinely willing and able to spread the word with reviews on GoodReads, blogs, websites, and so on, and then copy the same review to Amazon right after the book shows up as "on sale" in September.

Those who help me out the most and bring new readers will receive a FREE printed edition of the book when it becomes available later in September and my un…

Return of the Marred Manuscript: Reviewing & Approving the Copy Edit

It’s been a little over three weeks since I sent my Temple of Indra manuscript off for the copy edit and it’s just come back. As I sit with coffee in hand I can't help but revel in the butterflies that flit at my anticipation. It’s become a work of art filled with red crossed out lines and dotted blue side bubbles. Not to worry - no actual ink was harmed in the process of this edit. My manuscript may be marred but I'm happy that it’s one step closer to print. Now comes the part where I read over all of their suggested modifications accepting or declining with fervor. Thank goodness for the track changes function as well as the clean copy they've sent. Having taken a quick peek I can already tell I’m going to love it. No major plot or character issues just good old fashioned grammatical corrections, which I’m always happy to pawn off on the experts.