The Sinister Sparkle

Since time travel seems to be a common thread in my writing, I thought it would be a fun to have an intelligent conversation about it. Just kidding. I'm no expert. Of course philosophers, physicists, and people all smarter than me have put forth a number of viewpoints; from the idea that history cannot be changed to the notion that it would create a paradox thus by destroying the universe. These are all very deep concepts that as a highly professional writer I researched—and by researched I mean Googled, read and considered for all of 10 seconds before my brain cried out in piercing agony. This left me to create a time-travel story based on my own warped imagination. And of course in my opinion to do time travel right, you need some version of the age old time machine. Doc Brown had the DeLorean. Diana Gabbaldon had the stones. And Sophia? She has the Purple Delhi Sapphire. Voila! No explanation necessary. 

This is the mysterious stone here. Changing the look of it was a must–it needed to be glamorous. Sophia may be a down-to-earth-book loving-librarian but she still has an appreciation for the finer things in life.The actual gemstone was rumored to have been stolen from the Temple of Indra, during the Indian Mutiny of 1857. It was brought to England by Colonel W. Ferris, whose family then supposedly suffered many financial and health woes. It eventually made its way into the hands of Heron-Allen who wary of its alleged powers, locked it away in seven boxes and surrounded it with good luck charms. After his death, his daughter donated the amethyst to London's Natural History Museum. Along with the stone, she gave them a letter that her father wrote cautioning future owners against directly handling it. So far no one has reported time travelling with it but you never know.


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