I love my job. There I said it. Living life and being happy post holidays

The lawn looks like a skating rink, you're bundled against arctic temperatures and - no - you can't have Bailey's in your coffee for breakfast. As my poor husband and the rest of the world figures out how to best to face the office after the festive holiday. I wake up happy. Yes I'm tired because our kids barely slept. Sleep patterns will be off for the next two weeks or so the study's show. And I did wonder for a second why the song Riptide was belting from my phone when it felt like the middle of the night. And no I wasn't all smiles while combing my hair and doing a mad dash to complete my son's trip form that was due. Were we late? Hell yes! Do I care? Hell no. It's the first day back after holidays and this is real life. 

But guess what--I couldn't be happier.

Happy that I dropped out of the rat race a year ago. Happy that we moved to the country where I have to drive 30 minutes in a snow storm everyday just to get to the gym and happy that reality struck and I get to sit down and write today. So Christmas is over and I can't watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my kids in our pajamas for the fourteenth time.

I have to work. I get to work. I love my work!

I realize not everyone is lucky enough to be in the position to do what they love but it's really all a matter of choice. Sometimes you just have to decide what's truly important to you. Could we use a new car? Probably. Mine will most likely die any day now. But will I buy one? Nope...not til the VW kicks it. Could we use a bigger house? Well no, that we have covered but it does need some renovations that we're not touching. And what about that new pair of shoes, lunch with the co-workers twice a week, even the bazillion coffees you buy on your way, during and leaving work. It all adds up. I no longer have the freedom to spend money like it's water but you know what I don't miss that at all. As a matter of fact I hardly notice. Realistically I don't have anywhere to spend it. I work from home and home is in the country.

What I do notice is I get to do what I love and when the holidays are over, I'm actually excited to get back to the office.


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