Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire Dream Soundtrack & Character Theme Songs

This past weekend I made a guest appearance at the beautiful Marissa Campbell's Cover Reveal FB Party for her debut historical fiction, AVELYNN! Coming September 8th, 2015! As promised here is the Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire Dream Soundtrack & Character Theme Songs Guest Blog I did for Auggie Talks during my Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire Book Blog Tour last month. Enjoy!

I was asked to imagine my dream soundtrack for Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire along with the song(s) I saw playing the first time my fictional main characters appeared on screen, here's what I came up with.

R: Music plays an important role in everyone’s life. We all have musical memories that help us identify our teen years, our twenties, and today? If I had to choose a soundtrack to fit my novel, this is what I would choose. The funny part is I can't listen to music at all when I write. So these songs are chosen at random and out of order.

Sophia Marcil would be played by Minka Kelly
Sophia’s song has to be – Once Upon a Dream by Lana Del Ray 
Favorite Indulgence: Shiraz, Chocolate & Books

Cullen O’Kelly would be played by Alex-O-Loughlin
Cullen’s song has to be – Galway Girl by Steve Earle
Favorite Indulgence: Guinness, Sophia & Architecture Magazines

The Stalker I won’t reveal the identity but I will say it would be a toss-up between Polly Wants a Cracker by Nirvana and Living Room by Tegan and Sara
Favorite Indulgence: Sweet Killarney Pipe Tobacco, Whisky & Spying

Leslie would be played by Isla Fisher
Leslie’s song would be – All the Small Things by Blink 182
Favorite Indulgence: Vodka, Men & Books

Temple of Indra Series: Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire
Dream Soundtrack

1. Laid James

2. Little Red Corvette Prince

3. Serial Killer Lana Del Ray

4. All the Small Things Blink 182

5. Used To Love Her Guns and Roses

6. Die Die Die, My Darlings The Misfits

7. Young and Beautiful Lana Del Ray

8. Once Upon a Dream Lana Del Ray

9. Born to Die Lana Del Ray

10. Whiskey in the Jar The Dubliners

11. Galway Girl Steve Earle

12. Love You ‘Til The End The Pogues

13. Ghost Ella Henderson

14. Something in the Water Carrie Underwood

15. Book Club Arkells

16. Never Thought This Would Happen Arkells

17. Take Me To Church Hozier

18. Rape Me Nirvana

19. Polly Wants a Cracker Nirvana

20. Living Room Tegan and Sara

21. Kiss With a Fist Florence and the Machine

22. Ghost Depeche Mode

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  1. I know music is important to a lot of authors. I use music mostly to block out ambient and distracting noise, but I don't pick specific songs for each story. I just pick genres of music to match the genre of story--country for western fiction, rock for sassy contemporary, etc. I've never been a big music person.

    Do you choose your music before you begin writing, or build the playlist as you go?


  2. Happy Monday MargaretI

    Thanks for stopping by. I do not choose my tunes before writing nor do I build my playlist as I go, although I know a few others from my writing circle that do. Music unfortunately as beautiful as it is, distracts me from the task at hand. If I'm singing lyrics than I'm not actively in character living the scene and I don't know any other way to write aside from living it in my mind. I do like the idea of choosing music genres to match the genre of story. That is probably less time consuming. I created this play list after the fact, as a fun marketing activity prompted by my fans.

    Hope that answers your question! Have an amazing day!



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