Need Help Decorating? How About Adding An Eclectic Vintage Flare?

I hear it all the time. Where did you find that piece? If you like a mix of jewel tones and dusty colours, timeworn or handmade textiles, and collected objects that create a lived-in feel. Think Paris flea markets, Granny’s teacups, the film Grey Gardens then you'll like this post.

Can you help me redecorate? My answer is always, of course. Can you wait a few years?


Between writing books, blogs, marketing, fitness competition training and being a full-time mom, I can fit it in.

No, but really, I love to hear it.

It's sweet, and I love that people enjoy my quirky taste. Unfortunately, I can't re-decorate all of my friend's homes, so I will share where I do my shopping.

Dun Dun Dun Duhhh...

Antique Shops, Second hand stores and believe it or not Pawn Shops and Ontario has plenty.

And just in case your wondering what I mean by eclectic vintage flare. It's basically a rich, layered look combining flea-market finds, furniture designs from various time periods (namely Victorian pieces and 18th-century French styles), and a diverse collection of accessories and artwork.

  • Furniture with shapely, feminine silhouettes, intricate detailing, and weathered finishes.
  • Jewel tones mixed with washed-out, chalky shades.
  • Antique and vintage elements interspersed with newer, offbeat items.
  • A varied mix of fabrics (on pillows, upholstery, and window treatments), including jacquards, paisleys, ethnic tapestries, folk motifs, botanicals, and florals.
  • Crystal chandeliers and embellished lamps.
  • Abundant art and decorative accents on walls and surfaces.

Where Can I Buy This Sort Of Awesome Stuff?

As a matter of fact today I'm going to feature one of my favourite places to shop.

Past & Present Antiques, Collectibles, Arts & Gifts in Norwood, Ontario.

Davina Bailey, the owner is a lovely woman, who is always ready to help you find the perfect piece for any room. She's also an artist who sketches and builds beautiful unique frames for other people's artwork.

She sells everything from furniture to candles to knitwear. This year, she also has plans to expand into vintage clothing. She already sells beautiful vintage jewellery. 

Need somewhere to store those pearls? How about a cool vintage suitcase. Organize your makeup, scarves or balls of yarn.

The shop is small but it's packed with goodies and if at first glance you can't find what you need, ask about the storage room. She has a boat load of treasures inside. I've seen it myself. 

Check out some of her pieces below. These are on display at the moment but I should tell you with the Christmas Season ending she is working this month to switch out the inventory so there will be a whole new selection on display next month. Because of this her hours are limited to Thursday 12-6, Friday and Saturday 8:30-4:30 until February 4th.



Still need a copy of The Temple of Indra's Jewel or Curse of the Purple Delhi Sapphire. She also sells those! $20/book or $30/set.
Past & Presents 
Davina Bailey
2368 County Road 45
Norwood, Ontario K0L 2VO
705 957-1586


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