Welcome ghouls and boys! The witching hour is upon us! Cue the Cult Classic Horror Films, the Monster Mash, and the need for Haunted Houses decorations! If you’re hosting a Halloween party or a Deadly Haunted Ball like Juniper and Pike in Cookies, Corpses & the Deadly Haunt, you’ll need to get your house ready. Here are some of the tips on how I get my spooky old Victorian ready!

Before you do anything, turn on the music, and get in the Halloween Spirit! I like Saint-Saƫns "Danse Macabre." This dance of the dead features the Devil playing the violin, and a xylophone imitating the sounds of rattling bones. You might recognize it from certain Halloween films.


Fake skulls, cobwebs, candy dishes & creepy pictures
Skulls are an inexpensive and yet classy way to add a little spooky-ness to your house! I also keep these in my library to a little ambiance to my writing room. I bought my skulls (the eyes light up) at the dollar store. You know what else is cheap at the dollar store? Creepy pictures, candy dishes and fake cobwebs. Holographic Halloween Photos are cheesy, but I love them, and there’s no easier way to age a room than with fake spiderwebs! During Halloween you absolutely must have something to hold the candy. I like to use a witch’s pot that I got from a party store.

Table Cloths!
This is one of my favorite ways to decorate for Halloween, because they are so versatile! Just take an old sheer curtain and cut tears into it. Instant spooky chic table cloth or hang them in a doorway. I like to lay mine over a black cloth.

Fake Tombstones
We do a combo here. We have a couple that we bought from the dollar store or party centre but we also made some from cardboard and spray-painted. We just stand them up in the garden, along the walkway and against the house. My daughter likes to hide amongst them like she’s a statue and then jump out and scare people as they arrive. Little girls can be so spooky.

Old Trunks & Suitcases
 We found some in our attic and bought others at an antique shop. They are all over my house, so I just leave a fake hand or leg hanging half-out; add some fake cobwebs and boom! Now we have a hidden dead body. Similarly, we stick those old bones in our garden.
How to make a creepy standing figure.
Get a tall lamp stand, and take the light bulb and shade off of it.
-Get a long dress or nightgown
-Leave the dress on the hanger, and hang it over the lamp stand.
-Get a skull or mask and place it over the top of the lamp stand, so that it covers the hanger. And there is your super cool and super creepy standing figure!

In my book, Juniper and Pike make creepy ghost ladies using mannequins, sheets and/orold sheer dresses and led lights. Here are some links to other cool new ideas out there.

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These cookies have become a tradition in our house.OREO Mummy Cookies look like cute little mummy faces! These will make the perfect treat for your Halloween party.
Make these Mummy Cookies a part of your Halloween tradition! Super easy, really fun to make (buy 2 packages of OREOs) and kids can have a lot of fun helping out. We use smarties for eyes but you can also use candy eyeballs. Pro-tip - Put the smarties on first and ice over them so it looks like a wrapped mummy. Your welcome. Wink Wink.




Rachael Stapleton


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