Monday, June 11, 2018

Grab Rachael Stapleton's Latest ​Paranormal Cozy, MAKE-BELIEVES & LOST MEMORIES for just $2.99 Today or FREE in Kindle Unlimited. ​

Grab Rachael Stapleton's 
​Paranormal Cozy, 
$2.99 Today or FREE in Kindle Unlimited. 

Feisty Fortune Teller Extraordinaire Nana Vianu says the answer is in the cards. How right she is!
Nana’s granddaughter, Mallory Vianu, is busy hosting a blogging conference at Caravan Manor when she hears back from a local historian who’s translated the fifty-five-year-old diary Mallory found in the manor’s attic; the translation uncovers information about a set of original tarot cards Mallory’s great-grandmother, a Roma witch-wife, used to divine the future. Unfortunately, unlike her powerful relative, Mallory doesn’t see what’s coming next. 
With two lethal murders connected to the manor, the Vianu girls must put their paranormal skills to the test. While hosting breakout sessions and parties for writers, digital creatives, and influencers, they mus 
take clues from a ghost and 
search for their greatest treasure yet. 
But the closer they get to the truth, the closer they get to a killer, someone who looks a lot more like one of them than they realized.

BOOK One: 
GYPSIES, TRAPS & THIEVES is also just 
$2.99 Today or FREE in Kindle Unlimited. 

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