Publishing a Book: Getting the Editors Evaluation Back ... Dun Dun Dun!

Today all is right with the world. I'm sitting at my kitchen table, light reflecting off the pool enjoying a large cup of coffee and reading my Editor's Evaluation Notes. It's like ecstasy for my mind. 

Here's a direct quote out of the evaluation. 

"The evaluator still finds Sophia/Sapphira to be an appealing character. Here is a line that made the evaluator laugh out loud. p. 116 Maybe I did watch too many scary shows or maybe I just needed to smoke a fatty. 

Glad to see they have a sense of humour or perhaps just the munchies. :) 

Apart from the usual mechanical stuff, they find it ... dare I say, perfect. Well, at least they're not pointing out any flaws and they're constantly praising my changes in every section. Which ultimately means no more edits for me. The final copy edit will lay with them. *Sigh


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