Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Best Time to Release a Novel: Summer vs. Fall

Since I’m in the midst of publishing my first novel right now, I’ve found myself pondering questions that I’ve never considered before. Such as, is there a best time of year to release a book?

My editor is pushing for the fall. However, personally when I think of September, I think of busy hectic traffic filled days. Getting the kids off to school, gridlock, meetings, picking the kids up from school, soccer practice, making dinner and the list goes on.

When I think of reading, which I often do, I think of the beach or my pool. Lazy summer Saturdays spent in the backyard with a paperback and a beer. Am I wrong? What about all of the vacationers, teachers and summer hour people. Summertime means more free time, doesn’t it? I On the other hand I read the summer months were bad for sales, because of vacation, weddings, family reunions, and summer camp which all equate to a lack of funds.

I’m hoping my reader's burning desire for the Temple of Indra will outweigh all other priorities. Yes, this is my bubble. What do you think? Do you consider the time of year as it relates to your book releases? Do you read more or less at certain times of the year?

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