Meet K.C Sprayberry: This Week's Treasured & Tipsy Timeslip Traveller

Travel and make-believe go hand in hand. Whether we're in the present or the past, in a haunted castle, an enchanted forest or a broken down building, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and traveling the world can bring the imagination to life.
It may only be September but as a true lover of Halloween I feel it's never too early for things to go bump in the night. With that being said, lets head to the Peach State. It may be known for southern hospitality and gorgeous historic sites but its also home to a ghost or two. Grab some popcorn, turn down the lights and let's follow this weeks guest K.C Sprayberry as she leads us on a ghost tour of Landry, Georgia where her latest novel Ghostes: Trouble to the Max takes place. This small town is located in the Northwest Georgia mountains, not far from Dalton and Chattanooga. Get ready for this hotbed of ghostly activity!

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KC’s Top 5 Spooky Places in Landry Georgia

Landry, Georgia:

A typical Southern town, except for the extraordinary number of hauntings. Well… there has been a dry spell for the Ghosties. They long for adventure and dive into it headlong once they hear of a ghostly teller giving away free samples at the local bank. Their euphoria at defeating that ghost is soon deflated once they discover this is only the beginning.

Blogger Insert: Want to visit more of Georgia's most haunted places. Check out this website for a map to all the spooktacular places to go.

And if you’re ever traveling to Savannah, be sure to experience the Ghosts and Gravestones Haunted Tour. You can  explore the treacherous grounds with a guide and group. Here's a few teasers from their website.

The Olde Pink House, Savannah

A Georgian-style mansion built in 1771, the Olde Pink House is an elegant restaurant located in Savannah’s historic district on Reynolds Square. Originally the home of Joseph Habersham Jr., who built the house and lived in it until he died in 1802, today the Olde Pink House is known for its Southern-style cuisine with a modern twist. Yet it is its resident ghosts that draw the attention of ghost enthusiasts from around the country. The most often seen apparition is that of Habersham himself, who is said to appear mostly between October and March. Others have been spooked by the sight of a man dressed in Revolutionary-style clothing sitting at the end of the bar, only to disappear when people turn their back on him. The ghosts of slave children are perhaps the most disturbing sight for many folks; these mischievous apparitions are said to have locked patrons in the downstairs bathroom. Waitresses at the restaurant encourage guests to use the upstairs restroom.

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta

Originally called the City Burial Place, Oakland Cemetery is the final resting place of close to 70,000 people, including governors, generals, clergyman and several famous Georgia residents. Within the sprawling, naturally beautiful 40 acres, the cemetery has many unknown buried and according to paranormal experts, numerous spirits, both angry and friendly. The most well known supernatural occurrence is that of the roll call of the dead. It is said that on the Confederate side of the burial grounds, people have heard names being called out in a military-like roll call. Responses to the names being called have also been heard. Other disturbing sightings include visitors seeing a Union soldier being hung from a tree and the sight of Jasper Newton Smith rising out of his statue in the middle of the night to watch over the cemetery. Legends, myths or truths? Visit the Oakland Cemetery to find out the truth.

Now back to our guest host K.C Sprayberry

First Baptist Church:

One wouldn’t think the biggest church in town would be haunted, but this one is, and that ghost has the screechiest voice ever conceived. He returns, along with Hailey’s sworn enemy, giving her shudders and leaves her confused as to what is going on.

The Old High School:

It takes massive research for Hailey and the Ghosties to learn that their problems lie within the walls of the building where their seventh grade classes are being held. The middle school is under renovation and they are lucky, or unlucky if you look at it from another perspective, to figure out a special type of ghost, fire demons, once infested the buildings where they’re currently going every day. Can Hailey and her crew get to the bottom of this problem before everything is ash?

The Police Station:

It’s safe at the police station. Right? Of course it is… or maybe it’s not so safe. Hailey believes she’s stopped the fire demons but then discovers 3 of them escaped and are about to unleash their wrath in the one place in town she thought safe. Can she, her usual crew, and their three new recruits stop those demons in time? Will crossing the streams work this time?

The Lake:

Celebration turns to fear. Everything is wet. The Ghosties thought they’d have a great summer, a time for fun and relaxing, until the Memorial Day barbecue/birthday party celebration for two of their recruits turns into a race against time. Will their action be the end of the Ghosties?

Ghostes: Trouble to the Max takes place in Landry, Georgia. This small town is located in the Northwest Georgia mountains, not far from Dalton and Chattanooga. Landry is a hotbed of ghostly activity, which keeps Hailey and her crew busy. She, Tink, Sly, Annie, and Freddie have always managed to control their ghosts but something new is happening. They have no clue how to handle ghosts that won’t talk to them. Even worse, Hailey can’t shake the feeling that something truly awful is on the horizon!


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