Wednesday, February 22, 2017


In honor of Mystery Thriller Week, I thought we’d discuss the genre I love reading and writing: MYSTERY. Cozy, Suspense, Thriller, doesn’t matter, these intricate stories all have a similar set of components, including but not limited to a problem solver, a red herring or three and of course a solution. For me, the key to a good mystery lies in the plot. Does it have twists and turns? Does it shock you into suspending your belief? And does the author dole out just the right amount of twists at the right time?

Reading a good mystery is like peeking through a keyhole. It’s all about perspective—you are limited to what you see. Not to mention, you only see what someone (the author) wants you to. The suspect is holding a knife over a dead body. Now you’re close to solving the murder right? But just one shift in that room and/or view, and you can see the clue in a different light. There’s a gun to the person’s head and they were forced to pick up the knife. Oh the twists to be had!

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